Emergency Lighting Installation

At Fieldway we offer a full emergency lighting service including the design, installation and maintenance of emergency lighting.

Fieldway Group provide emergency lighting systems that suit the individual requirements of a range of different premises. We can offer advice on the kind of emergency lighting system required and ensure that this complies with the British Standard BS5266.

We can assess your emergency lighting requirements and provide you with a system that best suits your premises. We offer a full testing and maintenance service providing you with the appropriate report to comply with the latest fire safety regulations.

Emergency lighting is used in any situation where the normal lighting system fails. If the power fails under any circumstances, emergency lighting will illuminate and operate for the required duration to allow safe evacuation of the building and provide light for the emergency services to operate effectively.

Please Note: Under the Fire Safety Order 2005 which became law on the 1st October 2006 it is now mandatory to undertake a written fire risk assessment. As part of this legislation the risk assessor must consider Emergency Escape Lighting and appropriate Signs and Notices.

Fieldway Group can offer a FREE survey of your present installation. For further information and to make an appointment please callĀ 0151 480 9909.