LED Lighting

LED Lighting can lead to smaller energy bills, elevated moods, increased productivity and healthier and safer working and living environments.

Traditional lighting from fluorescent tubes and light bulbs is known to emit a dim yellow hue which can lead to drowsiness, lack of alertness and sunken moods. The cost to run a single standard 40w fluorescent tube for 9 hours per day can be equal to that of up to 8 LED bulbs. The energy, health and environmental costs of traditional lighting can therefore be significant. Can you afford not to switch to LED?

Many business and home owners find that the switch to LED from traditional lighting solutions can be significantly beneficial, meaning their buildings can benefit from

Superior Savings

LED lighting has a significant financial advantage over other lighting sources. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours compared to 1,200 hours for Incandescent Bulbs and 8,000 hours for Compact Fluorescent Lights. LED lights are market-leading energy savers that cost less to run and need replacing less often.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance & Alertness

LED lighting enhances cognitive performance and alertness in both indoor and outdoor settings. Scientific studies well document the relationship between mental performance and exposure to certain types of light. Natural light wavelengths from the sun and LED lighting can make those within the building feel more awake and alert.

Increased Safety

LED lighting is free of the Mercury content and UV emissions associated with Compact Fluorescent Lighting and thus pose no severe health risks. LED lighting can be utilised in close proximity applications without any discomforts to eyes or skin. LED lighting can also be brighter than yellow fluorescent lighting meaning working and living areas can be much lighter, minimising the risk of accidents.

Elevated Mood

LED lights are silent and safe lighting solutions. Research has shown that the humming sound emitted by fluorescent light can lead to irritations, fatigue, attention deficits and mood disturbances. Although the sound may sometimes go unnoticed, the effects are proven to be disturbing to personal health.

Superior Internal Visibility

LED lighting can provide white light that imitates natural daylight. Studies show that exposure to natural light can improve workplace productivity.

LED lighting’s unmatched durability and longevity outlive any other lighting technologies to this date and thus have the highest Return On Investment (ROI) in the history of lighting technologies. This is to say that if you keep your LED light on for 8 hours daily, you will not need to change your light for up to 20 years.