E3 Cube

Client : Brine Leas School

Sector : Education

Service : Fire Safety Works

Location : North of England

Working with the consultancy firm E3 Cube, Fieldway has successfully completed a series of vital fire safety projects within schools and academies across the North of England. Acknowledging the inherent complexities of operating within an active school environment, Fieldway’s Health and Safety Manager spearheaded the development of a comprehensive construction phase plan, meticulously outlining all contractual risks and devising site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS). These crucial documents played a pivotal role in ensuring a secure working environment for all stakeholders involved.


In light of the challenges posed by working in live educational settings surrounded by students and faculty members, Fieldway implemented a range of rigorous safety measures. These measures included the effective cordoning off of all work areas, meticulously overseen by trained banksmen, as well as the provision of clear and well-marked alternative routes. These precautionary measures were instrumental in safeguarding the welfare of all individuals within the premises while minimising disruptions to the daily functioning of the schools.


Notable completed projects include:


  1. Brine Leas School, Nantwich: Successfully executed a comprehensive set of fire safety upgrades, including the installation of advanced fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, access control enhancements, fire door upgrades, and essential fire stopping measures.


  1. Belverdere Academy, Liverpool: Fieldway’s collaborative efforts with E3 Cube led to the seamless installation of a new fire alarm system, significantly bolstering the fire safety infrastructure of Belverdere Academy.


  1. Old Earth School, Elland: Fieldway successfully implemented a series of crucial upgrades at Old Earth School, including the installation of new fire doors and the integration of fire alarm system, reinforcing the school’s overall fire safety measures and promoting a secure learning environment for all occupants.