Jigsaw Homes

Client : Jigsaw Homes

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Passive Fire Work

Location: National


We undertake passive remedial works for Jigsaw Homes in response to the findings from their Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs). The primary focus of this undertaking is to enhance the fire safety infrastructure across their diverse property portfolio. Since 2022, our team has collaborated closely with Jigsaw Homes, offering comprehensive compartmentation surveys and tailored solutions aligned with the stringent FIRAS standards.


To ensure compliance with the latest fire safety regulations, our approach has entailed a meticulous examination of the existing fire stopping and compartmentation systems within Jigsaw Homes’ properties. This process involves scrutinising walls, floors, ceilings, and any voids that could potentially compromise the integrity of the building’s fire containment capabilities. Following these detailed assessments, our dedicated team of experts has provided bespoke remedial recommendations designed to bolster the passive fire protection measures.


Specifically, our interventions have encompassed the installation and enhancement of fire-resistant barriers, seals, and fire-rated partitions in critical areas susceptible to breaches in compartmentation. We have meticulously addressed any gaps or penetrations that could undermine the efficacy of the fire containment strategy. Additionally, we have facilitated the implementation of advanced fire stopping techniques, integrating quality materials and methodologies to fortify the structural elements and inhibit the spread of fire.


Overall, our persistent dedication to precision and compliance, combined with our proactive approach to addressing passive fire vulnerabilities, has significantly contributed to the overarching goal of enhancing the fire safety standards within Jigsaw Homes’ properties, ensuring a secure and resilient living environment for their tenants and residents.