Leeds Federated Housing Association

Client : Leeds Federated Housing Association

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Active Fire Maintenance

Location: Leeds


Our continued partnership with Leeds Federated Housing Association (LFHA) exemplifies our commitment to ensuring optimal fire safety standards within their diverse property portfolio. As the designated provider for the servicing and maintenance of vital fire safety equipment, including fire alarms, emergency lighting, and various other critical systems, we have continuously upheld a robust and comprehensive approach to fire safety management.


A crucial aspect of our operational efficiency lies in the deployment of a dedicated works coordinator. This individual plays a pivotal role in managing appointment bookings and overseeing the intricate details of contract administration. Through their meticulous coordination, we have streamlined the scheduling process, ensuring that servicing and maintenance activities are conducted seamlessly and with minimal disruption to LFHA’s residents and their daily routines.


Our steadfast commitment to fostering a collaborative and transparent relationship with LFHA has been instrumental in not only meeting but surpassing their expectations. As we continue to develop this partnership, our focus remains on delivering unparalleled service excellence, prioritising the safety and well-being of LFHA’s residents, and contributing to the overall resilience and security of their living environment.