Northwards Housing

Client : Northwards Housing

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Electrical Upgrades

Location : North Manchester

In December 2020, Fieldway were awarded the contract through the Procure Plus framework to undertake various electrical upgrading works to 8 sheltered blocks for Northwards Housing which were;
  • Annie Derby Court
  • Apprentice Court
  • Edward Grant Court
  • George Halstead Court
  • Harry Piggot Court
  • Sir Robert Thomas Court
  • Joseph Dean Court
  • Victoria Square
The works included communal rewires, fire alarm upgrades, warden call replacements, lighting upgrades, lift replacements and fire stopping.

Northwards Housing are a social housing landlord based in North Manchester and are an “arms-length management organisation” (ALMO) that oversee 13,000 City Council homes.

During mobilisation, we worked closely with Northwards to determine a programme schedule that would maximise the efficiencies of our resources. Through careful planning and consideration we decided we would take a concurrent approach, assigning our designated project manager to oversee two of the sheltered blocks simultaneously until completion. This was repeated three more times until all 8 blocks were finished.

Throughout the contract, we worked closely with multiple specialist subcontractors for the warden call and lift replacements. To ensure quality was maintained throughout we held regular meetings with our subcontractors during which performance was reviewed and any issues were raised. We provided additional direct supervision and undertook regular planned and random inspections and audits, maintaining an ISO site audit file to record outcomes and follow up actions.