Your Housing Group (EICR)

Client : Your Housing Group (YHG)

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Location : Yorkshire

Further to a Fusion21 mini competition in June 2017, Fieldway were awarded the contract to complete 4000 EICRs across all YHG’s geographical areas.  As part of the specification, we were required to complete any C1 or C2 observations within the dwelling alongside the EICR.

YHG are a large social housing provider providing over 28,000 homes and scheme properties across the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Throughout the contract, we worked with YHG contract representatives to provide us with a plan of the monthly release of addresses ahead of time to enable us to plan resource allocation to the contract in advance to account for peaks and troughs in workload.

Our works coordination team sent introductory appointment letters to required recipients of the EICRS.  Letters contained details of the checks we would be carrying out, what the residents should expect to happen during the test and contact details for our team should the allocated appointment not be convenient.

As part of the contract we:

  • Completed inspections and testing in accordance with the BS 7671 Inspection and Testing.
  • Rectified both C1 and C2 observations.
  • Upgraded the consumer unit where necessary in accordance 17th Edition BS 7671 Wiring Regulations 2008 and manufacturers recommendations.