PA Housing

Client : PA Housing

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Active Fire Maintenance

Location: Nottingham, Derby, Leicester


Securing the prestigious fire safety maintenance contract with PA Housing has marked a significant milestone for Fieldway. Recently awarded the 7-year contract, we have undertaken the responsibility of servicing, maintaining, and repairing a range of active fire safety systems within PA Housing’s extensive property portfolio. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the diligent upkeep of essential systems, such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs), and other critical fire safety infrastructure.


A key differentiator in our service delivery is our unwavering commitment to achieving a first-time fix for any identified issues. This is made possible through our strategic approach to maintaining a meticulously tailored van stock, equipped with a comprehensive inventory of essential tools and spare parts. By ensuring that our operatives have immediate access to the necessary resources, we have significantly reduced response times, minimising disruptions, and ultimately ensuring that PA Housing’s fire safety systems operate seamlessly and reliably.


Our relentless dedication to exceeding industry standards is exemplified by our consistent achievement of 100% compliance with key performance indicators (KPIs) set within the contract. We have consistently delivered on our commitments, ensuring that first-time completion targets are met promptly, and maintaining strict adherence to established health and safety protocols. Our comprehensive understanding of the importance of accessibility and adherence to stringent health and safety measures has not only fostered a secure environment for the residents but has also contributed to the overall peace of mind of PA Housing.