Together Housing (EICR)

Client : Together Housing

Sector : Social Housing

Service : Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Location : Yorkshire, Lancashire


In 2019 we were appointed by Together Housing Group to complete to EICR to 985 properties. Within our initial visit we were required to complete all C1 and C2 works to bring the properties up to current standard.

At project award we held mobilisation workshops with the Together Housing team to create and agree a project delivery plan, programme of works and establish customer service levels, health and safety requirements and KPI targets.

Our programme was based on expiry dates for the properties’ expiring EICR.  24 hours prior to the appointment we made a reminder phone call or sent a reminder text message based on resident preference to maximise access and completion rates.  All operatives received advanced DBS checks which were passed to Together Housing before works started.

Within our visits we were required to complete all C1 and C2 repairs to bring up to current standard.  Due to the expiry dates approaching we were required to complete the programme within a 12 month period, prioritising those which expired first. We initially allocated 5 engineers to the contact typically competing 3 properties per day; this ensured the condition reports were completed within a 34 week period. Additional resource was allocated to cover any delays in the programme resulting from no accesses.  Labour resource for the contract was all direct labour.  All works were completed on time and within budget.